What Schmoozy Does
Social Media Advertising 98%
Social Media Management 23%
Social Media and Web design Consulting 70%
Get You More Customers and Sales 100%
What Schmoozy Is

Schmoozy (Schmooze): To establish oneself in the favor or good graces of someone else, by engaging in small talk – talk that is business oriented, designed to both provide and solicit information while building rapport  but avoids overt pitching. This is a relic which birthed “networking.” It is mostly an art, but a tad bit of science.

In short, we’ll help your business use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram in the way big brands do to make a lot of money. Schmoozy Social Media Management came to be in 2015 with the objective of helping small and independent businesses create and implement social media advertising and marketing strategies to increase profits and brand visibility.

Who Is Schmoozy?

LaNita Williams
Facebook Ads Specialist

I’m excited that you’re here and I know you’re busy. So let’s get to it!

I’m not just your average Millennial, posting selfies on Facebook. I almost literally have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Media. I earned a Convergence Journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2010, but not before I learned to build websites and audience engagement on corporate social media accounts. When I decided in 2013 to help a few small businesses with their Social Media marketing, I saw their sales BOOM!

Social Media usage has grown 10-fold since 2006. For businesses, particularly small and independent businesses, effectively using social media can mean the difference between having no customers, and having almost too many to deal with. My soft spot for the small and independent businesses is knowing that at the heart of each one, there are people who are committed to providing a fantastic service or product. That’s something I can totally get behind! Let’s face it though. Without sales, you can’t be in business and your customers are avidly using Social Media. They’re not just using it to make purchasing decisions, but to actually make purchases!

I know how valuable your time is and I know you don’t have a lot of it. So I’m here to relieve you of the time-consuming task of learning how to make Social Media work for your business. I have the answers to your questions. My mission is to save you time and help you sell more by creating and executing Social Media marketing and advertising strategies tailored to your business! If we work together, we can make Social Media work for your business RIGHT NOW!

Let’s Create A Winning Facebook Advertising Strategy For Your Business!

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