Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

If you want to make more sales of your products and services on the internet, you’ve at least asked yourself this question once. – Do Facebook ads work? – For small and independent businesses, there are a lot of questions around Facebook advertising: Does is really work? How? Is it ideal for new or small businesses? Does it work for businesses in my industry.

As a matter of course, you’ll get different answers depending on who you ask. While many small businesses have Facebook business pages and may post often, many of them aren’t correctly using Facebook advertising if at all. Contrary to common belief, social media advertising is not just for well established companies and huge corporations with big advertising budgets. In fact, one can easily and rather inexpensively, build brand recognition and a solid customer base for their business using Facebook ads.

First thing’s first – Facebook advertising does work if you are asking if there is proof that you can successfully advertise your products and services using the ads platform. In large part, Facebook is a place where many people tell practically everything about themselves and in intimate detail. This includes how they feel about products and services they buy, and their overall buying experiences.

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Because Facebook users openly share certain details about themselves, it gives online marketers and advertisers the chance to fashion their advertising campaigns according to their tastes and interests. The moment online marketers get ahold of essential market information such as age, gender, city of residence, marital status, etc., they can create highly targeted marketing campaigns. Having this ability is the key. Other social media websites offering advertising, don’t hold a candle to what Facebook allows in this regard.

To further understand how Facebook ads work and why they are effective, see the following two points below.


Facebook Provides Targeted Demographics

About 97% of Facebook’s 1.6 billion users tell their age, religion, gender, and relationship status. Many users give other details about themselves such as music preferences, political point of view, favorite fan pages, books, movies, etc. Facebook advertising lets social media advertisers focus on specific user profiles. This then helps your marketing campaigns be most effective. Rest assured, even if you’re running a new or small business, showing relevant ads on Facebook will make a great  impression on potential customers. Your business will be on their radar for their next purchase, and the door to gaining new loyal customers will be opened. If your business serves a local market, Facebook users who see your ads will recognize that you’ve made an effort to know that they can use and will benefit from your products and services. Since customers would rather be helped than to be sold, this type of advertising effort is gold.

Facebook Provides Instant Feedback and Direct Opinion

One of many perks of advertising on Facebook is seeing the immediate response of your market. Comments, updated statuses, and now the reactions of users who are seeing your ads will give you an instant snapshot into how relevant they think your ad is to them.  The advertiser has to become a keen and critical observer. It is important to be able to read between the lines and to analyze the feedback from Facebook users interacting with your ads. Here’s the kicker – It’s also important and maybe more so, that whomever is managing your business’ page responds to potential and existing customers’ comments and feedback. This is an effective way to quickly build rapport, maintain your brand reputation and increase sales. Fulfilling this need is why we started Schmoozy Social Media Management.

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You Have The Answer

Many small or local businesses have yet to get started with Facebook ads although they DO work. As a social media management and advertising agency, we empathize with business owners who find the platform daunting and those who have abandoned the idea of these ads working for their businesses. There are plenty reasons why that happens. Facebook’s algorithms change often. Managing a page and coming up with things to post can eat away so much time (and money if you’re boosting posts). While there are a number of tools to help make posting easier, less than 3% of  your fan page audience will ever see your posts if you’re not advertising. This is why if you’re looking to use Facebook advertising as part of your online marketing and advertising strategy, we not only recommend that you do so quickly, but smartly too. If your business already has a social media manager, they should be able to speak to how and why Facebook works for your business. Otherwise, if you need honest insight, call us or just fill out our scorecard.


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What’s been your experience with using Facebook ads to drum up new customers and clients?  Could your business benefit from better targeting your customers or engaging with them on Facebook.
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